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    Art        Friendship        Nature


my three favorite things unite together to create

Sixteen Sisters

 Hand Painted Handbags

2016 was the inception of my art & design business that would preserve special friendships,

but would also have a function ~ art on handbags.  

 Some handbags are vintage bags ~ others are vegan.

                                  Sixteen Sisters items are enhanced with my original artwork,

                                  all inspired by bold, creative, strong, empowered women....

                                                                the identity of Sixteen Sisters.

                               Each original design is a direct tie to the woman who inspired me

                                                   and a form of nature that is her compliment.

                           I create by going from paint to product, not utilizing stencils or templates;

                        believing only in the pure form of painting by creating from the heart & soul.

                                   The completed item is named after my hero, such as ELLA

All handbags interest me ~

 they are a daily accessory that can really speak to who we are.

 Vintage handbags are my passion!

The history they "carry" is exquisite,

but also the new life that can be created on them is what makes my days so fun! 

Painting on leather is a fabulously freeing journey~

 each stroke of paint finds its way into the intricate flow of the leather~

much like we as people~strive for a flow of peaceful existence

  giving love to All through Art




Have a special handbag you would like me to "renew" for you?

Send me a note and I'll contact you.











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