Sixteen Sisters


My designs are inspired by a lifelong love of art & nature, combined with the unique friendships that are woven into my life.

I have always loved painting with watercolors, but when experimenting with acrylic paint on a purse,

      Sixteen Sisters began to evolve.....

  Hand painted handbags and accessories. 


            Nature provides bright, bold colors that inspire me. 

  These inspirations will relate to a special sisteR... someone who enlightens my life.

I'll then create a design that unites the two.

  In fusing them together I'm able to paint personalities into all of my products & their story is preserved .

I then name each bag after my heroes, such as ELLA, making these handbags so

much more than a purse.

With each design began the journey of the...

Sixteen Sisters

 My canvases are

 natural milled leather handbags, totes & accessories, 

as well as vegan leather handbags, which contain no animal products. 

Each item painted is made of high quality constructed materials

making them ideal for everyday use. 

   Minimal processing on the leather items makes them super soft, pliable & durable. The texture of both the leather & vegan leather

 provides the perfect canvas to grab the paint;

making it permanent on contact.

Sixteen Sisters bags have traveled internationally and still look new!

     Every item is hand painted individually, I paint directly from brush to product.

          Stenciling is never used on any item I produce, making each Sixteen Sisters item, a one of a kind handbag or accessory.


   Sixteen Sisters has now added wine totes & luggage tags,

   as well as vintage vegan leather and leather handbags.

    All items crafted in my Englewood, NJ studio  


                Thanks for visiting my shop!

                      Enjoy my collections!