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Art ~ Friendship ~ Nature

my three favorite things unite together to create

Sixteen Sisters

Hand Painted Handbags

 2016 was the inception of my art & design business that would preserve special friendships,

but would also have a function; art on handbags  

My original designs fuse a friendship with a beautiful form of nature.

Once the design is complete, it is then individually hand painted onto the handbag or accessory. I'll name that piece in honor of my inspirational sister, such as ELLA, redeeming a story through wearable art.

All handbags are interesting to me, as they are a daily accessory that can really speak to who we are.

Vintage handbags are my passion! The history they "carry" is exquisite, but also the new life that can be created on them is what makes my days so fun!

     Have a special handbag you would like me to "renew" for you?

Send me a note and I'll contact you.


    giving love to all through art




Monogramming also available 







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