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GWEN~ Vintage COACH 1990's crossbody bag

  • Hand Painted with my original artwork ~ honoring bold, intelligent, empowered women; the Identity of Sixteen Sisters

    I've enhanced this vintage COACH 1990's black leather crossbody bag with an antique design of lavendar flowers, creme colored earthy fern and leaves, honoring GWEN. 

    Features of GWEN are:

    This 1990's vintage COACH  crossbody bag  is in excellent condition, as are all of my hand painted vintage pieces.

    This is a soft black leather crossbody bag with a thin leather strap, measuring 48"

    Unlined interior with slim front enclosed pocket; perfect for your phone.

    Front brass turnkey closure for security. 

    Serial # K4B-9893

    8"H x 5.75" W

    Made in the USA

    Hand painted with original artwork which is permanent on contact and then a waterproofing mist is applied. Artwork is chip proof and waterproof. 

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