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LILY~ Vegan Leather Jacket

  • Hand Painted with my original artwork ~ honoring bold, intelligent, empowered women; the Identity of Sixteen Sisters

    LILY~ Hand Painted, super soft Vegan Leather Jacket with detachable faux fur collar ~

    I LOVE to add details, especially unexpected surprises, such as hidden words (gratitude) on the sleeve zip or additional artwork tucked on the side waist tabs. Look through all photos for details. This is what makes SIXTEEN SISTERS items unique & so very individual!

    Artwork completed on both the front & back of the jacket, as well as the zip sleeve areas.

    Painted with my original design of soft pink & cream vintage flowers and vines.

    The jacket is a SIZE SMALL (2-4)  *** other sizes may be ordered

    *please email for specific details, such as sleeve length, brand details, etc. :

    Faux fur collar is detachable

    Front zip and snap closure

    2 side zip pockets

    gratitude is written in cursive on the left zip sleeve pocket

    Floral artwork is painted on the right zip sleeve pocket

    Waterproof mist applied

    Wipe clean with damp/dry cloth, do not dry clean, do not machine wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron

    Hand painted with original artwork which is permanent on contact and then a waterproofing mist is applied. Artwork is chip proof and waterproof. 


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